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YAY! We have a home!

Time was up! We didn't have a place to go to.  We had outgrown our living situation and it was time to move on.  Our Ember Ink Staff Retreat was upon us and we had 3 staff coming so we could meet and pray and get direction for the year. Two of them were returning home until they sorted some things out to come back out and one was staying. We NEEDED a place to live. It was time.

We had our Staff Retreat in San Francisco and stayed at the YWAM Base. We had planned a 10-day retreat but there was only accommodation for 7 days. So we were trying to figure out what to do... Options were limited because of low funding and no vehicle. We also had all the kids so it made it more challenging. However, our bigger concern was when the 10 days were up, where were we going to live?!

About the second day in, we received an email from a church friend saying they were going on a vacation for 10 days and offered their home for us to house sit, if we were interested.  It was a 5 bedroom house so we had room for us and the team! They also offered the use of their car! It was a double answer to prayer.

The day we arrived to that house we began to pray, "Lord, release a home for us in 7 days. We need a place to live." So the next day, we went house hunting off craigslist (and anything we could find) and set out to look at a few homes. It was very discouraging. There seemed to be nothing that was working…

We were talking in the car about the options and tried to keep our spirits up. Almost in tears, I shared: "I lay down all my preferences... REALLY! But if I had a say and it was the most ideal situation, I would love a 6 bedroom [to house us and staff], 2+ bath home with a decent yard, a safe neighborhood, good school, and a place to have our ministry office as well as a family room area. Is that too much to ask God for? Am I being selfish or asking for more than what we NEED?" So we prayed right there in that car that God would supply our needs and give us favor wherever He would have us go. We would happily receive what he gave us, ideal or not.

When we got out of the car for the next viewing, we saw a beautiful house. As we looked, it was everything I asked for and a little bit more. However, I didn't even think twice that we could possibly get this place because it seemed too nice for us and there was NO WAY we could qualify for it as we have NO CREDIT (due to migrating over from Australia). We’d also struggle to make payments as our income was minimal. We shared our concerns with the property manager. He was very favourable toward us and said, "I like you guys. Get in as much paperwork you can by Monday to see if we can make it work. There are other people interested but if I can give it to you... I will." This was on Saturday.

That night our high quickly shifted to a low. Luke got violently ill. Our co-signer for credit reasons felt it wasn't the best thing. And we looked at the numbers and knew there wasn’t a was for us to afford this place. I felt so helpless!... I just FELL on my face a prayed and cried out in desperation to God asking Him to provide WHATEVER He wanted for us. That I trusted Him and I will continue to until something broke through, whether it be this house or another... HIS WILL be done!

We put it in on Monday night, kept our eyes open for any other homes that might pop up. Nothing did.

Thursday rolled around when we got a phone call. It was the property manager saying we were approved! How??? I have absolutely no idea with Luke's part time job and our very little support. It was literally a MIRACLE!

We signed the paper of Friday. Moved in on Saturday. 7 days exactly!

We don't have anything close to the $ to stay here BUT we made our first months rent. And whatever trickles in, goes to utilities. Groceries have just been trickling in as well. A few people have given us food... God provides!

We were given lots of random furniture and even a couple of items off our registry. I've been restoring pieces of furniture bit by bit... spray paint is my new best friend. ;)

I woke up early in the morning a few days ago with kids piled all over me (Luke and I have been sleeping on 2 of the kids twin mattresses on the floor in our room). When I was making breakfast for the kids I said, "I'm asking God for a bed! Is it too much to ask for a California King?? Then that way the kids could climb in with us and we'd still have room." – I am NOT kidding, that evening someone called me and told me they felt like they were suppose to give us their California King size bed! We just got it yesterday!

What a crazy journey! Isn't God AMAZING??

Next adventure: A CAR! We're praying one comes in by the time we have to give back this lent one on Sunday!

Our God is MORE than faithful to supply all our needs!


Two things I ask of you, O LORD;
do not refuse me before I die:

Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
give me neither poverty nor riches,
but give me only my daily bread.

Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you
and say, 'Who is the LORD ?'
Or I may become poor and steal,
and so dishonor the name of my God.

Also,  DEUTERONOMY chapter 8... read it if you get the chance! xx

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