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God's Provision

Since we have arrived here in California we have seen incredible provision for our family, and in all kinds of ways.

Within the first month I (Luke) got a job that, up to this point in time, has helped us transition to a life in America... Last week though, I met with a Pastor of a church that has been looking for a new Worship Director. Long story-short, I have accepted an interim Worship Director position at the church for six months. This is a huge thing for us as it will give us time to transition into full-time ministry again. It has been a journey of waiting on God and then obeying when He speaks, even if there appears to be no sense or logic to it.

For me personally it has been an incredibly stretching time as so often I put my thoughts before His and I am learning to let go and trust His leading...

We are excited to see what is next with His provision, we hope to update everyone with news soon of a house and car but truly we are content to wait on His timing... We really don't have the strength to do it on our own, that is why it is so freeing to trust Him, He designed us to need Him not for us to do it alone!!!

We have also been so blessed with the many friendships and networking opportunities that have sprung up, we have much to be thankful for!!!

We love you all and are excited that as we all draw closer to Him, incredible things happen and even if circumstances may be dictating otherwise it is just an opportunity to call on His name!!!

Stay Tuned!!

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