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NOTE: End of Year Tax-Deductible gifts need to be in before December 30th.


Thank you for investing into this ministry. 

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          Here are some ways you can give directly and immediately.
      • Venmo: @Luke-Haythorpe
      • SquareCash: TheHaythorpes 
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      • Online Tax Deductible: Click here >> Online <<

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San Francisco Option - 1 week to process
Tyler Option - 3 weeks to process 
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Approximately 3 weeks 
to process
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Immediate Process.
Not tax deductible.
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Immediate Process.
Under the Australian tax system, 
donations or payments are 
not tax deductible.
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Approximately 1 week to process
Not tax deductible
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Approximately 3 weeks to Process
Not tax deductible.
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Finance FAQ's

 Do YWAM Staff Get Paid?  //Click Here//

What does it mean to become a Financial Partner? //Click Here//

Where does the money go? //Click Here//


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