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Flying High

'Whenever God gives a vision to a Christian, it is as if He puts him in "the shadow of His hand" (Isaiah 49:2). The saint's duty is to be still and listen. There is a "darkness" that comes from too much light-that is the time to listen... When God gives you vision and darkness follows, wait. God will bring the vision He has given you to reality in your life if you will wait on his timing. (Isaiah 50:10-11)'
(Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest)

In this journey, I have no doubt had my ups and downs. And although I am incredibly confident that we have heard God clearly, I still have my moments of "what are we doing?" as the time passes and things have not turned out how I'd expected. You might say we have been in our "shadow" moment.

The word that we keep getting from God is to "wait" but as you know, WAITING IS SO HARD TO DO! However, I will tell you that as we wait and practice patience it is SO TRUE that 'those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired,  They will walk and not become weary (Isaiah 40:31).'

God has opened SO MANY doors for us as we've been here! So far we have literally seen God bring to us ministry contacts that go way beyond what we've expected. We have had chances not only to meet people who share the same passion and heart as us but we have also had the chance to meet key people
who are leading authorities in the field of fighting human trafficking/modern day slavery. We have met with influential leaders within YWAM who have expressed not only their belief in us but that they want to help us however they can. We have also been invited to various meetings that will introduce us as a new ministry in this particular field and help us network with others that we could potentially work with in the future. All of this has happened ONLY because we have had been obedient and just waited before God.

Normally we have such a "go get 'em" attitude toward the major decisions in our lives but as we approached this step, God spoke to us to wait on Him and be obedient as He leads. Not the easiest thing to do but in this obedience, He has shown us how big He is. He has shown us that we aren't doing anything by trying to help his hand along and although we have been unsure at times, God has proven himself more than faithful!

We are still in need of seeing a vehicle, a home and more monthly finances to come in BUT that fails in comparison to the BIGNESS OF OUR GOD! He is our provider and we're excited to share as we see breakthrough in these areas! Continue to pray with us and we encourage you to stop and listen... hear His voice and BE OBEDIENT. It may not turn out like you expected, but you will know how REAL our God is!

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