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December 2009 Update: Ministry Update

Hi friends.

Our long ‘in process’ update is finally here!  As we have stepped out in pursuing beginning a ministry centre here in the bay area, we finally have some solid details!!

To officially launch this ministry with YWAM we need to see a minimum of $5500 /month of personal support raised.  While this will not be our complete support it will mean that we will not have to rely on any income from part-time jobs, so we can devote 100%  of our time to this new baby of a ministry.

YWAM in the Bay Area works differently than a typical YWAM model in the sense that it is not one base but rather a collection of ministries that fall under the umbrella of YWAM San Francisco.  This is the first step in our dream of seeing a new ministry released in this area. 

It feels a lot like we are starting from scratch, however, as many of you will know this has been how we
have envisioned things to be!

Please consider us as you look at your budgets, commitments etc.  Our goal is to have at least $4000 per month (hopefully $5500) by February.  If you know of any family, friends or acquaintances that may be interested in our fledgling ministry please forward them to us as we would love to expand our network of supporters. We have tax deductibility available and would love to have new partners on our team!

We will present our ministry and goals to the YWAM San Francisco board in February to get the official go ahead!  The next board meeting is in June but we were hoping to have things underway by then.

It is so good to have things clear, it has been difficult to communicate not being completely sure of how to move forward, but now we know it helps a lot.

Over the next few months one of our goals is to secure a house, thank you to those of you who have given towards the deposit, that will help us secure the house when the right one presents itself!

The other goal we have is to see enough partners join our ministry to enable us to move forward!

We have been working on this website to establish a place that will keep everyone in the know on what we are working on and how we are doing.  Obviously we will not release a ministry website until we have the green light, but this blog will help until then…

Luke and Angela

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