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What is this delightful thing called Trick or Treating??

It took but mere seconds for the kids to figure out the phenomenon called Trick or Treating! Excitement was building as we started to get dressed up in costumes and put the makeup on. The kids could not sit still!

We went out to meet the cousins and start at at a church carnival. That was just the warm up. Their eyes began lighting up as their pumpkin buckets we're filling up at every stop.

 We left the Carnival and headed back to hit up the houses. The kids were running from house to house! There were a few instances of scares of rubber bats and plastic skulls but overall they had a blast. The next morning they woke up at 6am asking for candy so we had to put a time frame on candy consumption. We had lots of fun introducing the kids (and Daddy too) about the American traditions in our new homeland. We don't think we want to see any candy until NEXT Halloween!

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