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Novemeber 2009 Update: We're here in the USA!

Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me, even then will I be confident.           
                                     Psalm 27:3   

We are now slowly adjusting to life here in the USA. We have encountered challenges we did not expect and if we focus on that it does seem like an army besieging us…. BUT the thing we fix our eyes on is that GOD IS
VICTORIOUS! He is our hope, salvation and light. He is our strong tower in times of unsurity!! 
Just a word of encouragement to you… As life is as busy as ever and seem to NOT be slowing down anytime in the near future, do not fix your eyes on that army of enemies. Fix your eyes on the Lord for He will be your rescue!       
For in the day of trouble
he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle
 and set me high upon a rock.           
                                     Psalm 27:5  

 Be encouraged!  God is there if you’re looking.  
Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.            
                                     Psalm 27:14  

Hang in there! 


One of things we did as we just sat and waited to Hear from Him was just let go of any expectations we had of things had going to a certain script. Elementary lessons, I know, but something we needed to let go of once again.  As we did this, a
new sense of freedom and relief washed over both of us as we came to the understanding that this is more than us.  That our efforts are not for our own gain and that by being obedient to the call that is placed on our lives, it will reap fruit far beyond what we can conceive right now. Amen?

This has been so encouraging and is exactly what we have needed, especially as we are about to make some decisions that in many ways have no “fall-back plan” on.  Don’t you love when God takes you COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone?!! 


We've been scouting things out here in the Bay Area for last few weeks... and we think we have found a place in Daly City (the area we hope to move to), the area has a 60% Asian population, so I think we will fit in perfectly.  ;)  It is one of three cities in the US that does not have an Asian minority… I find this is amazing as when God highlighted this to us to move to we had no idea of this and you couldn’t find a place more suited for God to place us!!!

It is a 4 bedroom house that will be large enough to fit us and at least 3 other team members who are joining us at the start of the year.  It is a different way of thinking when you need to consider more than just your family. It is stretching us but so exciting at the same time. 

We have seen a lot of favour in this as the owner of the house has "a soft spot" for Missionaries. She had worked with a missionary when she was in the Philippines and she is also heavily involved in the church. Convenient eh? ;) So, hopefully it will all work out. The rent will stretch us a bit but they are willing to lessen the rent a bit for us. Which is AMAZING!


One of the things we have been working on during this transition is our new web page! Well, its not quite up yet but Ang has been working so hard on it and I can say it is looking incredible. I had no idea of what she is capable of (not a great thing to admit as her husband!). However, I am excited to see what will come from the heart and mind of this woman as she pursues the things that make her come alive! 

I have been busy, feeling a little like a 16 year old hunting for his first job. ;)  Thankfully, everyone likes Aussies and I have had no shortage of opportunities!!  We decided to settle on one that is close to where we are at the moment and might change it up once we see a car released.  Until we get the support we need to live off of I will need to work part-time, but we are thankful that God has provided in this way for us as we see this ministry get off the ground!! 


This comes to some prayer requests we have…

  • We would love your prayer for Joy. School has gone from something she LOVES to something she dreads, which is sad for any of you that know her. She is struggling with the pace of going from midway through kindergarten to well into first grade.  The curriculum here is also quite different (It is crazy to see what level first grade is up to these days!).  
Please pray that we would have wisdom as we weigh up different options and for grace for Joy-joy, it is hard as a parent to see her go through this.  But she is still her cheeky self and an amazing big sister to her siblings!! 

  • A major breakthrough we need to see is a deposit for the rental house, it is money we simply do not have so we are trusting God to bring in $7500 (first and last plus a security deposit) in the next week or so. We might get rent at a cheaper rate so this amount hopefully will be lower and we are hoping they will waive the security deposit. :)  We are going through an agent where she is the daughter of the owners and we met them, they love us and want us to have it so we are just praying for more favour!!! 
Please pray that we would continue to see favour with this house and if this is not the right place God will close this door and open a new one!  If God stirs you to help us with the deposit, please send me an e-mail. They want us to move in Dec 1st. We'll let you know how it plays out.

We are encouraged that if we continue to step out in obedience, see with eyes of faith and do not let our hearts fear, nothing can stop what God is doing!!
We love you all and hope the silence didn’t last to long from us! We'll keep you updated and let you know when the new web page is up! :)


Luke, Angela and kiddos!!

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