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October 2009 Update: Safely arrived!

The moment is here! We are here! We are in America!

With 10 suitcases, 3 guitars, 7 carry-ons and 4 children under 5 it was THE ADVENTURE of a lifetime. Can't say I would do it again any time soon but it is done and now we're here.

We were met with open arms in Southern California with our dear friends the DeMamiels as we crashed at their place for a few days and caught up on life. Oh how we love them! Their little guy Mason and our Levi were inseparable!

We then embarked 9 hours north in our rental car which I can only describe as a monster. We all loved it! Car trips allow us the time to talk and bond which was much needed after that flight.

Now all I can say is that we're EXCITED! The world is our oyster and we are ready to take it on! Thanks for your prayer as we headed over. We'd appreciate more as we have to adjust to the differences in time, weather, family, friends, and living arrangements. Until next time...

(Luke's Birthday)

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