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Pumpkin Patch & Jesus' light

We had our very first Pumpkin Patch experience as we begin our life in the USA! The kids loved exploring the fields of orange and picking out just the right pumpkin. They were in for a surprise as they had no idea what the pumpkins were for. We had a WONDERFUL day with their cousins that some had met for the first time. Then we were off for home.

The next day, we talked about some of their favorite things and decided on what they wanted their
pumpkins to look like. Joy picked Ariel the Mermaid, Kindi picked Sleeping Beauty, Levi picked Lightening McQueen and we all decided that Xavier's pumpkin would be well suited with Micky Mouse on it.

I told the kids a story as I took each of them and carved the pumpkin. I shared about how we all have yucky stuff inside us call sin, its slimy and gross and it keeps us separate from God. But when we ask Jesus to come into our hearts he takes the yucky stuff out just like we do when we clean out the the pumpkin seeds. Then when its all cleaned out we become new just like we carve a new face into the pumpkin. Jesus puts his light into us and we show people Jesus through the light in us!

I asked the kids if they want Jesus in their heart and Joy eagerly raised her hand. She said a precious little prayer in front of us and exclaimed, "Jesus lives in my heart now!"

Precious moments we'll never forget!

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