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August 2008 Update: Word of encouragement

Ok, we are still pursuing this thing called 'Buying a house'. We had the evaluator through, sorting out the contract and set up the Trust on Monday. So busy but good.

For a lot of us, the idea of buying a house as full-time volunteers seems a bit daunting. However, God had been taking us on this journey of faith, depth in relationship with him, and just growing up in general. I don’t have much more to report on the house for now, but for those of you who have interest in giving or want to invest into the Trust... We will update you and let you know when there is a green light from the bank. :)

For now, we’d like to include you on the personal journey God has taken us on so far. We realize that no matter what happens, God has taught us so much already! All lessons learned are PRICELESS!!!

I’ve attached a little journal of what God has spoken EVERY DAY to us... He is such an AMAZING GOD!!! He really is. You will see the words we keep getting and I pray that it is encouraging to you in the place you are at as well.

Thank you for your prayer!!! We’re feeling it! :)

All our Love,

Luke, Angela, Joy, Kindi, Levi & Xavier


Thursday, 21 August

We found the eviction notice taped to the door. The move out date is in 3 weeks. However, we immediately had a peace about it. We got the following words of encouragement and comfort:
• Joshua 1:9
• Psalm 46: 9-11

Friday, 22 August

We found that we either A) have to move out in 3 weeks or B) put a contract in to buy the house. After we prayed we felt like it was right to pursue buying the house and we got these words:
• Psalm 37:4-6
• Isaiah 42:16

Saturday, 23 August

Ken and Robyn came over and shared with us how they bought their home via the Trust. We prayed and got these words:
• Philippians 2:1-30
• James 1

Sunday, 24 August

We believed that God spoke to us about the Trust and that we should pursue that as one avenue for people to give… we began researching and seeking advice.

God encouraged us with a word that he wanted to give us a story like the Little Orphan Annie. He wants to give us beautiful gifts.

Monday, 25 August

The reality seems too much to comprehend. It looks really unattainable… A bit discouraged and losing perspective. God gave a gentle rebuke with some encouragement:
• Isaiah 41:14-16

Tuesday, 26 August

The reality hits us that we are NOT to walk in things regarding circumstance but by faith.

Wednesday, 27 August

The evaluator came in and gave a number a little higher than we expected. Still battling the mind, the circumstances feel overwhelming. We came across a video from the President of Youth With A Mission and it rung true in our hearts:
• Ezra 6:7-10
• Romans 4:20-25

Thursday, 28 August

One week gone… Two to go. We just prayed before God to have a bit more encouragement and minutes later we checked our email. We had gotten interest in the Trust and offers of donations. God is so good! So we keep going forward!

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