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Hooroo Mates!!

What does 'HooRoo' even mean?? Well, it's a distinctively Australian way of saying “goodbye”.

The Girls recently had a goodbye party for their school friends and we celebrated it by going to an Australian Wildlife Park called Billabong Sanctuary. It was a very fun time to just hang out and spend time with friends.

We shared familiar Aussie treats like Lamingtons, Shapes and ANZAC Bikkies.

A MOB of kids ran from animal to animal. My FAVORITE site was to see Luke pushing the stroller with one hand, video camera in the other and chasing the kids who were running well ahead... ah, the joys of being a parent. ;)

It actually worked out perfectly that we went to Billabong because Joy has been studying Australian culture and Animals in school. What a wonderful note to end on.

The girls are in their last week of school and will share a few play dates and special moments with their friends in the next few days. Please keep them in your prayers as the transition is not easy.

Stay tuned!

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