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July 2009 Update: California here we come!!

Earlier this year, we had someone encourage us that this year would be a year of change for us, little did we know how much change we would be experiencing!!

When Ang and I first sensed that God was trying to get our attention about leaving it took a while for us to come to grips with what we believed He was showing us…
As you have followed along with us, we have taken steps and have seen doors open and close. The things we thought were naturally the next steps of life actually became the catalyst for changes in our future… Once we began to understand and took those first few steps of obedience, though challenging, things have fallen into place and we are glad beyond measure!!

Our new journey has begun! As we have prayed, considered and talked our vision through we are relocating our family to the Bay Area of California. We will still be in full-time missions with a hope and belief to establish our family to minister the best way we can according to what God has laid on our heart to do.

Yes, as we have prayed and waited before God we asked for clarity on where we should be. We initially thought the Central Coast of California but felt that we needed to be near an international airport with the type of work we will be doing AND the Bay Area has three! So we felt to proceed there and keep praying about where EXACTLY we are meant to plant ourselves within that Area.

To broad brush it, we‘re pursuing within YWAM, to start a Ministry Center that focuses on drawing attention and championing ministries that work on the frontline with issues of social and gender-based injustices. These issues are ones that grip our heart to the point that we will dedicate our efforts to making a change and seeing the hope of the gospel reach these areas!! We believe in the effectiveness of musicians, artists, designers, event managers, etc and the influence they can have in awakening people to the reality of God’s heart and how it grieves for the Poor, Outcast, Broken And Needy!!!

While a massive amount of the detail will come, we are sure that as we make ourselves available and are obedient, He will bless our steps!!

We hope to communicate more of what we are stepping into in the coming weeks, but for now we are moving from our Reef to Outback family in northern Australia (Townsville) to our extended family in southern Australia (Melbourne). We leave Townsville August 28th and head down to Melbourne where my family lives. We will be closer to the US Consulate so we can finish up the final paperwork for my visa and it will save us multiple flights. This should only take a few weeks and then we will head over to California!

As we continue to travel down this path, we do need more prayer. One of the main areas that we need some prayer covering is with our kids, please pray for grace over them as this has been a massive time of upheaval, and while they have been amazing till now our heart is that they would feel incredibly loved during this time! And obviously our move, finances, etc...

If you are able to help in any way, interested in what we are doing or know of people who can help us as we make our move please e-mail us as soon as you can… we are already in process of moving and as you can imagine there is a lot to be done.

Some of the things we need help with are:

[ ] Car (This is a fairly big need. We would need a 6+ seater to fit us all in, so if you are able to help with this that would be fabulous.)
[ ] Furniture (if you have spare furniture or would like to bless us let us know how you can help!! We have compiled a list but these are all just ideas.. we are happy with ANYTHING)
[ ] Tickets (Are reasonable right now so we think we can actually fly our whole family for only $5000 Aussie Dollars!... this is HUGE as initially we were expecting double that)
[ ] Monthly Support (If you can afford to take us on for even $50 per month this will go a long way towards our living expenses)
[ ] Living (initially we are hoping to find a place for us to rent or stay till we get on our feet a bit, so if you know of any accommodation within the San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco Counties that would be swell)

There are other things that we need so if you are in position to and believe God is stirring you to help please let us know, we cannot do this alone!!!!

We love you and are excited to see what God will do with and through all of us!!!

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