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Kindi turns 4

We named her Kindness in hopes that it would be her nature... and by all means it is!!

Kindi had her 4th birthday and it seemed all her friends were drawn to her because of one thing... she is a kind little girl.

We had 4 very special gatherings for her birthday! And the theme for them all was a "Rainbow, Princess, Pony, Fairy, Mermaid Tea Party" as she could not decide what she wanted more... so, we got creative!

First she had a little party at her school and we made Rainbow Jello Cups for the 26 children and a few teachers. I (Angela) had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in her classroom helping with her class.

Next, we had a cake at the Reef to Outback to share with her YWAM Family. A few days later we had a cake at MeMa's (Luke's mom) house to share a family celebration... that was actually a Madagascar Cake. She LOVES that movie.

Lastly, we had her Birthday Party. By request it was a "GIRLS ONLY" Party... not even Daddy, Levi or Xavier could come to the party. So we made it as Pink and Purple as possible! We enjoyed making fairy wings and wands, playing pin the tail on the pony, having a tea party and blowing bubbles. Auntie Anna made a masterpiece of a cake. It was a great day... Girl Power!! :)

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