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April 2009 Update: Those Haythorpes...

Hi Friends and Family-

Well, it is that time when all you lucky folks get to hear a little bit about what we are up to and
how we all are!!!

At the moment we are busy little bees... Amidst ferrying our babies to and from school etc we are making the time to work on recording the new Five Star Streets Album as well as preparing and planning for our next USA/CANADA tour in August/September...

Angela and I are also planning a short trip to Papua New Guinea for an outreach as well! We look forward to documenting our trip by collecting photos and stories. We are both looking forward to this tremendously as it has been years since we have had an opportunity to go.

We finally moved into a new “temporary” home, please pray for wisdom as we seek the Lord. We still are hoping to purchase the house we’ve moved from. As we are looking into the possibility we recognize that we need to see a real move of God. All this aside, we are concentrating on what God has called us to do in ministry right now and we rest in the promise that "if we seek first the kingdom of God all things will be added unto you". We really are so blessed to be in the house we are in at the moment...

Thank you so much for your involvement in our lives, family and ministry. We so believe in what we do and are excited/nervous about this coming year ahead. In many ways we are breaking new ground and it means so much when we hear from you or know that you are praying for us... I have listed out some prayer points for you to have a look at and consider before the Lord... I was going to do fancy colors but I think I will stick with good old black and white ;)

Prayer Points:

tickets/outreach/tour costs ($4000 USD)
These costs are for both of our tickets to PNG as well as Luke's ticket to USA (and all other costs related to - food, accommodation, fuel etc.) We need to see approx $3000 come in within the next two weeks so we are able to purchase the tickets. We have been amazed as flights are so cheap right now!!!

equipment - ($3600 USD)
This covers some equipment Luke is needing to purchase due to his role in Five Star Streets (For a detailed list of what we need: )

our home
Recently as we have sat down to seek the Lord we have had such a sense to not be afraid or timid when it comes to seemingly impossible situations, please pray for us to not lose hope or sight of Him during this process, we have never wanted or wished it to be a distraction, yet we do not want to miss an opportunity as it presents.

Please pray for continued protection over our marriage. We definitely do not take each other for granted but it seems when things get busy and full the first thing that goes is the time we spend together. Please pray that even amidst the business, that we will continue to nurture our relationship in conviction and integrity before the Lord and others.

When the heat is on it seems that it is inevitable that sickness and unsettledness comes, please pray for daily protection (physically and emotionally) as we continue to step out in faith.

monthly support
This is something that we have needed to see breakthrough in for quite sometime... it helps us continue to be in ministry and pursue the things God put before us. Please pray for more people who feel called to support us in this manner.

Well, love you all and hope to hear from you soon...

Luke, Ang, Joy, Kindi, Levi and Xavier (who is now walking!!)

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The Haythorpes


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