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April 2009: Disgruntled Workers

One evening I was on the treadmill and I felt God met me... Not just a nice
fuzzy feeling but I felt the conviction
of God upon me. A gentle rebuke.
I was listening to a podcast of Matthew 20 where Jesus tells of the landowner who hired workers for his field. He hired one group and arranged for a price to pay for their work. A few hours later, he went and grabbed more people to help and then a few hours after that he
grabbed more people. Then at the end of the day, he paid them all exactly
the same price. The workers who had worked all day were a little disgruntled
because they worked the hardest but the landowner challenged their thoughts
as they had previously agreed on a price and it was not their place to
challenge his generosity with the the others.

When listening, I felt God challenge me. Who am I to expect that I deserve
more? I am BLESSED beyond measure to have 4 healthy children, a wonderful
marriage, a roof over my head, clean water, my health... And on and on...

I am letting my attitude of expectation effect my daily life... My ministry.
So in regards to the house we have left it open handed. We will literally
have to see a miracle for this to happen. We need to see $150,000 cash fall
from the sky AND SOON as Auction is coming up within WEEKS! BUT in saying
that, it is God's job... Not ours. We have a very REAL idea of what that kind
of money means. We are not naive to the fact/ We realize faith without works
is dead. That is a word we received early on in this venture... We can try
and raise money for it, but God has spoken to us to just be intimate with
him and focus our eyes on the ministry things he has called us to. So He
will have supply our needs whether its a house to rent or buy. It's HIS

I share this with you to be transparent before you. You have been with us since the beginning of the house saga. As I have
been repentant, I've become expectant in the sense that I know He will do
something for us and is doing something for us. It is not my place to
interpret what His thoughts are.

For His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than our
ways! (Like its said in Isaiah 55:9.)

What we ask from you is to PRAY... To be intimate before our God and
intercede on our behalf. That he would give us wisdom and his will be done.

Thank you for you continued prayer and interest. It means SO MUCH!

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