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Xavier's 1st Birthday... To infinity and beyond!

Our little man, our BABY, our little munchkin is now 1!! It's hard to believe that a whole year has flown by and we are now leaving the baby years and are now headed full force into the toddler years.

We had a combined party for the boys a week before X's actual birthday and he welcomed the theme. It was obviously his favorite move 'TOY STORY'. Whenever he sees it on his face lights up. I guess its the idea of toys coming to life... whatever the case, he LOVES IT!

Mommy TRIED really hard to make a cake that didn't quite work out the was she envisioned it in her head... but it was still yummy. And we helped X blow out the candles... as he was trying to grab at the flame. :)

Then on X's actual birthday, we had a small cake with Mema and Auntie Anna (pictured above). We bought a little chocolate cake and we all shared in the celebration with our new little 1 year old. Although he had a small cold... nothing held back a little celebration. :)

We're still awaiting the walking... X is a stubborn fellow but when he's up and running, we'll let you know!


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