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March 2009: Moving House

Well, we have been silent for a while because we have not really known what to say... So much is going on
we just hadn’t really had the words. However, here I am to fill you in.

I arrived from a 4 week (meant to be 3 week) visit to America. It was slightly extended due to a missing/lost/stolen passport which was an awful end to an amazing trip. I just wanted to get back home to my 3 other babies so the small extension was not that welcomed BUT I still enjoyed those days with my fam. I think Xavier thought he was an only child by the time we got back. It has since been corrected... And rightfully so. ;) Joy started her first year of school that next week and so we were full speed ahead to a BIG year!

Well with the house, we contacted a few people to find out the details... It was still grey. No one really knew what was going on and we still had boxes packed and had been living of necessities. We have been on process of looking for a home for MONTHS and have applied for a few to rent but we have had no luck. We suspect it has to due with the amount of young children we have. :) Anyway, so our options were/are VERY slim to say the least.

A bailiff arrived at our house 2 weeks ago with letter in hand stating that we are to be out by March 10th. If not, they will arrive on that date with moving trucks at our expense and escort us out. So this is the official date... Finally! We have been blessed through this process though as everyone around us (from work to the bank’s lawyer) has been so helpful and understanding and we have been incredibly grateful!

So with our housing options being very slim, our organization has offered us to board with them temporarily until we find another place. So we are moving into a 3 bedroom house with another family who has so graciously given us 2 of those rooms! What a blessing! They are a Fijian couple with a little 2 year old boy and one on the way in September. A beautiful family.


Now, I found I could look at this situation 1 of 2 ways. Either I could be frustrated that we will still be living out of boxes in someone else’s house... But I choose to look to see it for the reality it is. We are missionaries. We could be in a 4 bedroom house in a developing nation with 40 other people or in a shared space in a small hut without some basic luxuries in life... BUT God has put us in an awesome country with clean water and is not war torn. What a privilege for us to be here and I will embrace all gift God gives me!

With THIS house, we have had so much hope for it. It will be going up for auction in the next few months. They will have to go through the finality of the forecloser process when we move out. It will be going up for auction in the next few months and we are still working out the details but rest assured there are things happening in the background which we will tell you about SOON! Needless to say, we are going to try and buy it. More details coming.

The reason I wrote this was to fill you in on what has happened this far. We are moving on March 7th so please keep us in your prayers. Pictures of the new accommodation to come. :) We have an INCREDIBLE YEAR this year and I will be writing about that too shortly.

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