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Joy starts Kindergarten (Prep)!!

My baby has grown up overnight! Yesterday she had her very first day of "Big Girl School". She struggled through the day with tears here and there. Mrs. Benett told me that she kept saying, "I lost my mommy" (A phrase she has adopted since my trip to America).

Her second day, she battled tears all morning not wanting to go to school. I tried to ease the flow of ters with the promise of a chocolate cookie after school. However, they did not subside.

We walked into the classroom and put everything in its place and before we knew it the music played prompting the kids to go sit in a circle. They all started to fall in one by one. Joy's big ol' tear filled eyes looked up at me and Joy said, "Mom... it's time for me to stop crying and it's time for you to go home". Surprised, I smiled and gave her a big hug. I sent her an her way and she sent me on mine. A few hours later I picked her up and she had the largest grin on her face. She said she had so much fun and couldn't wait to go tomorrow! Yeah for school!

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