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To make sure that Santa could set up easy, we had the girls spend the night with MeMa (Luke's mom) and Auntie Sal. They had a fun-filled Christmas Eve making cookies, watching Elf and a slumber party.

Apparently, the girls woke up at 4:30am due to excitement. Mommy and Daddy obviously didn't BUT was awaken by a a rubber ball bouncing off the bedroom window. It was 6:15am and MeMa and Auntie Sal were done stalling. So we opened the door and let them in. We went in to wake up the boys and brought them into the living room where Santa left lots of goodies.

The present opening frenzy had begun and poor Xavier was a little confused. But once he got it... it was all over.

One of the highlights was Levi getting a little Car Garage. He kept saying, "WOW!"... so cute!

We had Christmas Breakky together had a nap and headed off to the base for our "Reef to Outback Christmas". We had a few close friends over that evening for present opening and a bit of a restful night... it was a good Christmas!

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The Haythorpes
Robyn, Adriel and Ryan praying for my as I head into 30.

Well, as I exit my twenties and enter the new decade of my life I look back and reflect on the many things I have done the last 10 years.

20 - Finished my last year as a teacher and readied myself for a life-changing trip to "find myself"
21 - I came to Australia as a student and stepped into the call of my life, not to mention met my wonderful husband, and lead an Outreach team to the Sydney Olympics.
22 - Was married and settled in Australia. Worked as Director's Assistant.
23 - Helped in establishing more the Darwin Center.
24 - Embarked on the insane journey of parenthood when I had my beautiful daughter Joy.
26 - Had my next beautiful daughter Kindi, moved house, and overcame postpartum depression.
27 - Helped Pioneer the Music Ministry and Youth Street Live.
28 - Planned the band's tour to North America, had little Levi, wend on a 10 week tour across the USA and Canada.
29 - Moved house, Completed the puzzle of the Haythorpe Family with little Xavier.

So, I feel like I've had a full life the last 10 years... Very Full! So I'm expectant for the next 10.

I'm going to the USA to meet with friends and support raise BUT one of the highlights is that I get to spend my 30th birthday with the people who were there at the very beginning. I will be in California with my parents and my twin brother Anthony. :)

I plan to travel to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver and Raliegh. So let me know if you are in those areas and can meet up with me. We can celebrate my 30 years together!

USA here I come!

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The Haythorpes