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November 2008 Update: Eviction Date, birthdays and USA!

WOW! It has been a few weeks so its now time for the latest news...

The house...

Our eviction date was set for Nov 16th and I
am still here
in my messy living room with half naked kids running around it. :)
So needless to say, we are still here. We still really have NO IDEA what’s going on. The information is all over the place. But we do know we should have answers soonish (I know.. It doesn’t really help us out too much either).
With all that’s happening, the thing that God is continually speaking to us is that it is NOT about us. So we have been chatting with the owner of the house and have offered to take her meals, pray for her and help out wherever we can. I know it sounds odd BUT this little tidbit has been brought to mind again and again...

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:4-5

We hear that January is when we potentially may move. We do have some things ready to go if need be, but for now we’re staying comfortable. We put up the Christmas Tree and are ready for the holidays... no matter what happens with the house. So please keep praying as we are in limbo and pray for the owner... She needs to see the silver lining right now.


Joy hit the milestone of 5 years old just a few days ago!!! Our baby is growing up QUICKLY! She finished up her last days at preschool and is now ready to venture onto Prep/Kindergarten... Time flies! Kindi cut her own hair for the first time in the Haythorpe Children’s history. Levi is getting taller and is as adventurous as ever! Xavier has cut 3 top teeth and stands up against furniture... and by himself on the rare occasion. He is now 8 months old.

My (Angela) 30th birthday is approaching quickly! Mark your calendars, DECEMBER 31st... I’ll expect presents soon! ;) No but my birthday will be a blast as I am...

America Bound!!!!!!!
Yes, I will be reunited with my twin brother Anthony as we started life together and we will celebrate this milestone together as well!! So, little Xavier and I will be jumping on an airplane on December 28th headed for California. Then we will be flying back home via AUCKLAND (hint, hint) January 16th.

While in America I will be spending a bit of time with my family but I did have an objective for my travel... I WANT TO SEE PEOPLE!!! I want to catch up with my dear friends I have not seen in
FOREVER! I will have only one baby so no need to organize around multiple nap times and family commitments. Its just me and X coming out to see lots of people. This is my MAIN agenda! However, I will have open houses if you want to hear what we are up to with ministry stuff and I am open to speak in churches, etc. :) But I want to hang out!!!!

So PLEASE email me what day and time works for you and I will make my way out there!!

FAMILY DAYS: December 28 – January 2
OPEN HOUSE (Nrth Cali): December 3
OPEN HOUSE (Sth Cali): December 4
AUCKLAND: January 16

I hope this email finds you as excited as I am to see some of you!!!! Write me back!!!

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