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The verdict on the house.

 Hey there,

Now some time has passed and most people have been asking about where we are up to with the house and we have had no answers until today.

First I will give you a quick update of the family... So, lots of things have been happening... On Monday I start back at work for 2 full days in the office which will be a HUGE change from just working from home... I will get non-distracted time to concentrate on work a bit more. Luke will be home with the kids for those days so it will be shared work and shared home. The kids are so excited to have “daddy time” for a few days a week. Also, we went to meet Joy’s teacher for next year and Xavier is now crawling.

In the past few months our heart for the poor and needy has increased dramatically. You never realize what a capacity you have for loving people until you get more revelation of God’s heart. Its so amazing! We have been working to make awareness of injustice issues in Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. From poverty to sex trafficking, we have had a massive desire to make a difference and see injustice stopped. So our work has mostly been focused on that. (More details can be found soon on our web page)

So that’s what we’ve been up to. Now for the house...

Well, about an hour ago we received a letter in our mail box. It was from a lawyer saying that we have to be out of the house by 5pm on November 16th (just less than 4 weeks). We also got a visit from a government worker wanting us to pass on papers to the owner. We are waiting to hear back from our property manager as he talks to the owner but it is most likely true given all the signs. In any case, the process will have to be that we will move out. If we feel its right to go after the house... We will then have to try and get it while on Auction. If by some miracle
we will have the opportunity to buy it privately before the auction... We will let you all know.

Now, Luke and I (once again) discovered this at lunch time. However, we have had faith for this house. You know as we have gone through this process with you... We do believe its right to buy this house and have from the beginning. It was obvious that the timing wasn’t right when they said the house wasn’t for sale... So we just decided to wait. And now here we are at this crossroad.

We do have a few things that are going for us and a few things we need payer for...

1.) The exciting things going for us is that Australia has a “first time buyer’s grant” that has just now doubled to $14,000! How awesome is that?!

2.) Another thing is that we had a few American people wanting to give us money the first time around and if we still have interested Americans. For every US $1 we get $1.50 dollar over here! So every little bit counts!!

3.) Houses aren’t selling very well here at the moment because of inflation so we could potentially get the house for a STEAL! (at least that’s what I’m praying for)

The prayer requests seem a bit obvious but I will throw them out there so you can intercede on our behalf...

1.) The economy has people a bit scared... But God has been utterly faithful in all things and we have not gone without... For sure It’s all His money anyway. ;) We do, however, need to see an increase in regular support.

2.) We will need to find a place to rent and there has been nothing going for rent here at the moment and we are quite a large family... So we’re asking God to open up the doors of housing for us!

3.) We will need to see people interested in either buying into the Trust or giving large one off gifts.

As we re-enter this process I was very real with Luke about how I feel about it... And although we felt very encouraged and blessed by the last time we ventured here, I already find it hard to be open an vulnerable once again before you. Just the idea of this rollercoaster of emotions and battles of the mind seem like a fight I am too tired to confront. I just once again had to lay it down before God and he lifted my spirit...

The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only he will release my feet from the snare. - Psalm 25:14-15

Thank God for His love overflows onto us in our weakest moments!! Well, that’s a quick little update for now... We do ask that you would please pray for us as this can potentially be unsettling. But we are half expectant for a faith boost like we had the last time we went through this rollercoaster. I’ll try and write to you soon! Thank you for the PRAYER... We really need it. We pray that this be true for you as it is for us:

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. - Phil. 4:19

All our love to you!

Luke, Ang & Family

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