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September 2008 Update: Victory!!!

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Wow! Talk about a journey and a half! I meant to write something yesterday but I felt like God was saying, “Wait Ang... Just wait”. And so I did, although I did want to tell everyone about the information we found out from our accountant about the Trust, etc, etc.

So now I write. Let me first say that I am so glad that you have gone on this journey with us.. Really. It has been an amazing God experience and like I said in a previous email “all lessons learned are priceless!!”

We did come away from the meeting encouraged but knowing we had to only rely more on God. We walked away saying, ”Thank you Lord for this journey and NO MATTER what happens, we are so grateful for the outcome!” And we were encouraged by God and even more trusting on Him as it is COMPLETELY out of our hands...

As advised by our accountant (who is also a lawyer), due the circumstances, we were preparing to move out by September 14th. He said to hold off on the Trust until immediately after purchasing the home as it would only take 24hrs to set up. So he said, “Raise your money now and we’ll transfer it in later.” So that was that.

I had been looking for other accommodation anyway as we were unsure of whether we had to move or
not. And although I had called EVERY real estate agent, there are NO homes to rent in our area. So we lined up a storage facility for our belongings expecting to move into a 2 bedroom apartment A lot to think about but still believing that God was telling us to move forward in faith and just trust that God is doing something.

Then this morning, we have had a curve ball thrown at us! There are now new developments:

We have found out a FEW more details... Our property manger has been talking to the owner of this home. And apparently, the house is not getting foreclosed on. Basically, the bank was using the eviction notice as a bullying tactic as there is currently a dispute between the bank and the owner of our house. Mind you, this is NEW information and we are still hazy on the details. But what we do know is 1) that we don’t have to move out and 2) the house is NOT for sale.

So, like I said, at this point we don’t have to move out (which is completely opposite from 24hr ago) and the house isn’t for sale. Now, this can all change in a few weeks time. When the 14th of September rolls around we will find out by a knock on the door if we have to move out or not. But they will then give us 4 weeks notice to move out. And there will be a bunch of processes the bank has to do in order for things to go through to their hands. Then the house will be up for auction... If that’s what happens. We are kind of confused on the process of these circumstances but it has then caused us to go before God yet again and ask what to do.

Although this is all a big change, it is a very welcomed development for us. We are happy to have a bit of pressure off as far as relocation and the logistics of that with a large family. Thank God I no longer have to pack a million boxes! :)

Encouraging Word

As I stopped and prayed and waited what this whole thing was and is about.. I was directed to Genesis 22). This is the story of Abraham and Isaac.

God told Abraham to take his only son Isaac up to the mountain and sacrifice him as an offering. It didn’t really make any sense because God had told him that he was going to make Abraham the ‘father of many nations’ and yet this was his only son (Gen. 17:5). But he obeyed and at the very moment he was about to sacrifice Isaac, an Angel of the Lord stopped him. The Angel said to Abraham, ‘Now I know that you fear God because you have not withheld from me your son... I will surely bless you..’ And God provided a ram for him to sacrifice instead.

This was my encouragement today. Whether or not we buy the house... We have learned how to walk more in faith and the fear of the Lord. We have brought people on this incredible journey with us and regardless of what we think the outcome should be, we have shared this testimony of God’s faithfulness to others.


I think that we have been buoyed by this experience, in some ways it has challenged us to not settle and to really get desperate for getting ALL that God wants. It has revitalized and strengthened our zeal to not give up and to continue to pioneer the things that we believe He has called us to, no matter how difficult and crazy the circumstances may get.

As we have prayed, we are assured to move forward and trust that God will release a home for our family. So we are going to take steps in that direction. We are more aware now of what is needed to be in place so we will do our bit to be ready if the right opportunity presents itself... To clarify, the house may be going up for sale in the next few months if the bank wins the dispute... We will still be interested in buying this house. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Once again, we will still keep you updated as the drama unfolds. It seems like every day presents itself with a new piece of the puzzle. :)

For now, we can now replace our focus a little more to the projects we have been working on amidst all the house kafuffle. The show must go on! And there are exciting things we are working on. One of them being creating the AVITD (A Voice in the Dark) Seminar which is a concert we take into high schools challenging young people that they can make a significant difference with their lives... Also we have much work to get ready for the next School of Music in Missions.

Thank you guys for being a part of this! We will keep you updated!

Luke, Angela & Kids :)

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