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August 2008 Update: Buying a house!?!?!?!?

Ok, long story short...

This past week we’ve been getting ready to re-sign the lease for our home on Friday (today).

Thursday (yesterday) at lunch we found an EVICTION notice taped to our door from the bank saying that the home was being foreclosed on the owner and we had to be out in 3 WEEKS!!! (Sept 14)

SO......... We met up with the property manager (who didn't know anything about it but found out all the info for us) and he basically said it was true and gave us 2 options:

(1) move out OR (2) Buy the house

So we said, "we'll buy the house". We have been praying for a LONG time about this and wanted to raise better support so we could look at doing it in the next 2 years or so... But we both believe that this is TOTALLY God's hand!

We had no idea it would happen in a matter of a few days. We have to get a contract in by Monday or Tuesday.

The BIGGEST BLESSING is that because of the urgent situation it is in... We are buying it at about $100,000 less than they could have got for it!!!

It is perfect location (right across the street from the YWAM Center) and it is the perfect size for our family with 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 granny flats! SO PERFECT!!!

So, the reason why we we’re writing this to you is because it is SO URGENT... We need to pull together a down payment SOON!

OUR GOAL: $300,000

I know that sounds like a lot but we know that it is doable. So, in that, we’d like to ask you to pray about giving toward this. We believe that this will be a HUGE key into our ministry!!! We know we are called to this ministry here at YWAM so this is a way for us to REALLY put our roots down.

Our heart is hospitality. It is something we aim to reflect in all areas in out life and, in particularly, our home. We love being able to be family for others who have family that is so far away. Our home is open for all. This value is a vital part of our ministry and it is so exciting that we will be able to build upon it more (Romans 12:13, 3 John 1:8)!

So yeah, PRAY! And if you believe to give... please contact us but WE ARE ASKING YOU MAINLY TO PRAY! We’ll need to jump on this train ASAP. :)

Thank you for considering this!

Lots of Love,

Luke and Ang... A VERY excited & wondering Haythorpe Family :)


That the bank will accept the contract before they continue proceedings
The finances would come in for the deposit as we do not qualify for a large loan

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