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August 2008 Update: House Update

So when I wrote the previous update and sent it out, it was literally about 2
hours after we found out the situation we're in. We prayed and then made the
decision to take the path of buying the house...

We have now been doing lots more research and we're trying to see how all
this can happen.

As we have been seeking advice and looking into things a bit more, are leaning
towards compiling a Trust in which we can purchase the home through and
offer people a way to invest into
not only us as a family but the
real-estate too.

The reasoning we'd start a Trust is that through multiple investors we can
purchase the property and then over time, buy back the units from each
investor. Ultimately working towards owning our own home.

We believe the house cost is estimated at maximum $450,000 AUD

So as we look at setting this up, we'd be looking to see if there is anyone
out there interested in an investment like this. We still need to come up
with a pretty sizable portion to have a share of the house.

So that's where we're at...

Our intention is to not make anyone feel panicked or rushed into making a
decision to give... On the contrary, we are only asking you pray for us and
only if you feel that it is the right thing to do, then please feel free to
Our enthusiasm might come across as pressure but I assure you it is
ONLY excitement.

We are just so excited about this journey we are embarking on that we want
you as someone dear to our heart to be included in this time.

We are so blessed by our relationship with you so I hope you are as excited
as we are
... We will continue to keep you updated!

With our heads still spinning,

Luke, Ang, & Kiddos

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