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Rolling, moving and sitting up!

Well, Xavier is now 3 months (nearly 4 months) old. He is a very ambitious little boy. He wants to get in on the action. If he's not in the middle of it all... he cries. He wants to be the center of attention!

He has now started to roll over and not just a single roll but a continuous roll. You put him down and if he wants her will do 3 or 4 rolls to get to where he wants. All with a big smile on his face. She can also scoot/crawl backwards. It won't be long until he's going forward!

He's been frustrated about not being more interactive with the kids so we put him in a walker that is WAY TOO BIG for him and he loves it! The kids push him around in it so he can be in the rooms where they play. He is quickly becoming a toddler before he can even move... why do they want to grow up so fast??

He has even taken to sitting up for short periods of time. We're practicing a little here and there but to be perfectly honest I'm trying to keep him my baby as long as I can! He's my last little baby and I'm taking in every minute.

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The Haythorpes

10:00 pm

I'm locking up the house to go to bed. I hear little noises coming out of the girls room. I knew Joy was exhausted because she had school that day so I thought I'd go and check on Kindi. I walk in the door and Kindi's back was facing me. I said, "Kindi, what are you doing?"

Silence. A glance from the corner of a blue eye.

I walk around to the front of Kindi. There she was in the diaper rash cream.

I caught her just before she got it all over. I've seen this before! Although frustrated, I was glad to have caught it in time. So I gave her a bath and went to bed.



Bedroom door slams open... "Mom! Kindi and Levi make a mess!"

I race out of bed, step into the living room and I see... Levi sitting on the Kitchen table surrounded by mounds of sugar. Sugar was caked on his face and he's flapping his arms in excitement and sugar overload. Kindi was playing with her dolls very proud of herself that she got Levi breakfast.

I get Levi in the bath and start to clean up.

All of a sudden, the smoke detector starts going crazy. The batteries are dying. BUT its about a 10 foot reach to get it so after many attempts I get Luke's sister to stand on a portable kitchen island and pull it down.

Its already a long day.



I'm pretty tired and frustrated. I announce to the kids its time to clean the house. I expect exceptional work.

Joy asks very politely if i can help her with something. As I'm helping I hear a song in the distance... "I cleaning, I cleaning, I cleaning"

"What are you cleaning?" I yell out. I follow the voice. There stands Kindi at the bathroom sink rubbing a thick layer of hand soap over the surface.

I calmly wash her up and send her to clean something else.


11:00 am

We make cookies in attempt to funnel the creative energy into something productive.



No nap. I attempted to put them down but no one ever slept. Baby included.


9:00 pm

The kids are in bed. We hear a door slam and little foot steps.

Luke yells out, "Get in bed!"

Little foot steps and door slam.

After a while I get up to get a drink and think... "I should go check on the kids". So I open the door and there is Kindi with a line of stuffed animals. They are covered with hand soap because "they were dirty" and have diapers on. We just took them away and put here back on bed.

WHAT A LONG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Haythorpes
Yes, it is officially done. We've filled out all the paperwork and took it in and now my little girl will be off to school in January! I don't know who's more excited me or her!

She is a busy little bee these days... she makes lists for everything! There are lists all over the house with all the kids' names (or at least they are suppose to be the kids' names). It is too cute! She's so precious.

Just in case you need an interpreter... the list goes as follows:

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The Haythorpes