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Joy can write her name!

We've been working on Joy's name for a little while but she recently lost interest. So I thought I'd pick it up again later until.... one day she just wrote it! Unassisted and very proud she showed off her squiggly penmanship off for all to see! YEAH FOR JOY!

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The Haythorpes

Joy's First Day of Preschool!

We bought the lunch box, the sun safe hat, the "special" hair ties and waited.

We woke up a few days later... and it began. Check list:

- Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

* Eyes already begin to water as it hits... I'm making a school lunch right now

- Yogurt

- Trail Mix

- Water Bottle

- 2 Pieces of Fruit

- Lay out School Clothes

NOW... Wake up the munchkin.

"Wake up sweetie."
"I too tired."

"But today you go to your special school!"
"Kindi go too?"

"Not this time. This is Joy's school."
"OK! I awake now."

After getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, giving all the other kids hugs... we take the opportunity to take a picture of my baby who is fast growing up. I think I CANNOT imagine what its going to be like when my last baby heads off to school but I take in the now moment and head off to school.

In the car we talk about all the exciting things she'll probably do at school and that she can come home and tell Kindi all about it.

We get there and l was prepared for tears and an "I don't want you to go mom!" but instead we got a, "OK mom. You can go now."

I was slightly crushed but happy to see my little girl be so confident and ready. She had a tremendous day at school... and so begins the "SCHOOL YEARS" for us. I can't believe how quickly time flies!

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The Haythorpes

Grandma comes to visit Xavier!!

We were just home from the hospital a few days and was ready to do a video call with the family to give them their first glimpse of Xavier.

We saw everyone but my mom there. I asked my sister where when was and she said that my mom was out with her mom. I had figured she was just a little emotional for missing the birth of my last baby and needed to take a bit of time out. So I would try back a few hours later.

Second time calling and my sister said she was still gone. I just said for her to have mom call me when she gets home or first thing in the morning so I can giver her love. My sister said ok and I got on with my day.

In the afternoon the midwife came to do a house-call. Just to make sure Xavier was doing well. We were chatting in the bedroom as he was getting weighed and measured. Luke kept popping in trying to hurry us to finish. I though he was being REALLY RUDE! I mean we had to take care of this stuff.

I had heard people in the living room but I was not too surprised as I knew my brother and sister-in-law were coming for a visit. So... we finished up the check up and before I could walk into the living room Luke stopped me. He kept bugging me about my clothes. I was wearing pajamas (I mean, I just had a baby) and wearing anything but pajamas seemed like too much effort as my world had turned upside down for the fourth time. He kept insisting that I change because people want to see a "fresher Ang"... so I changed.

As I was walking out I started apologizing for keeping everyone waiting and then I did a double take...


All I remember is that my jaw dropped and my knees literally buckled. Tears were flowing immediately and we hugged A LOT!

I couldn't believe that she surprised me... no one gets ANYTHING past me. I pick it up straight away. I guess child birth kind of threw me off the track.

All I said was, "If I knew you were coming I would have held him in".

So awesome and one of the biggest highlights of my life! Little Xavier (or 'X-man' as we call him) loves his grandma and has eyes only for her right now.

I'm so glad she's here!!!

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The Haythorpes