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Hi friends.

I’m writing to share what God has been doing with our family and ask you if you would consider joining us in our faith journey. I’ve written a little below with some context and also included below an opportunity to give.

The Context
We are in our 8th year of ministry here in San Jose. It’s hard to believe its been this long but also feels like it! Our vision is to be an Urban Training Village that trains, equips and is a launching pad for pioneers who want to plant ministries locally and globally, how we do this is by providing opportunities for people to connect with the love of God through our various endeavors and ministries. Our heart is to see people fall in love with Jesus and respond to Him. Through this we believe we will see transformation not just in individuals but in our communities and this culture.

Friends, we are seeing this happen!

We’ve been through so many trials, challenges, lessons and have had so much joy walking though failures and just learning how to live life and raise our family in a way which reflects Jesus and His teaching all the while pursuing a God dream he gave us many years ago.

As we fumble along the way we are increasingly hopeful of what is in store for our family and YWAM Ember Ink. We are not afraid of the obstacles living in the Silicon Valley, because we have many friends here who nourish us with prayer, finances and good friendship. 

We’ve seen people support our family in ministry for many reasons. Some have expressed they just love us and believe in our family, some have caught the vision of YWAM Ember Ink and are excited about initiatives like Youth Street or DTS (Discipleship Training School), some have expressed they love our creativity in holding and hosting neighborhoods like our ‘Light the Night’ Halloween event which has become a exciting fixture in our neighborhood. And others, simply feel God leading them to be generous with their time and/or finances and see it as their way to impact the Kingdom. Our heart is that whatever way you join our team, is you would do so with Joy and really feel part of it all. We are eternally grateful for the love and trust we feel and we are motivated to walk in humility the path laid out for us.

We don’t always feel like we hit everything out of the park but we have confidence in the Lord that as long as we stay willing, humble and obedient, he is gonna continue to empower us and anoint us for what He places on our hearts.

We are living proof HE can do a lot with a little.

As our team and ministry grows, we definitely don’t have it figured out, but we have an amazing broader team here in the Bay who are helping guide us and teach us what it means to work out this call with fear and trembling!! We have had a young family join us recently and have committed for the next few years to help us grow things. As more full-time staff join us over this next year we are excited to embrace the growth it brings.

The Ask
I’m always astonished when I log onto our financial software and see the numbers. It really doesn’t add up but we are still here and thriving. Amazing. 

Recently, Angela and I have noticed the Lord has been placing his hands and fingers on some deep areas within us. This has been painful but also exciting, as usually what precedes a breakthrough is a time of testing and humility. We have asked Him to continue to do His work in us and pray that anything we do is merely an overflow of His love and care to us. It is so simple, so beautiful and hard, but so simple.

Would you consider partnering with us if you can and would like to? We are constantly believing Him for more. Not so we can live a life of comfort but so we dream more, and step into all of the things we are trusting Him for.

We currently receive $5,500 in committed income per month the rest comes in many different forms and one off gifts in response to our needs.  As Angela and I have looked at our finances we are hoping to raise another $2500 a month, over the next few weeks. This would get us up to 75% of our yearly budget. 

We sense His long-term calling for us to remain here to build this thing. We have no backup plan and it is our Joy to continue to throw our whole selves into this vision.

Would this be something you would be interested in helping meet?

As always, please feel no pressure or duty to give. We trust in Him to provide and He has proved himself faithful to us over the years. The easiest way to give is online here. Or here, you will just need to indicate it is to go towards the Haythorpes.

Much love and respect,

Luke and Angela Haythorpe 

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