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Just before the start of my 3rd decade, God spoke to us about moving to the US. With 4 little kiddos and a pinch of adventure, we moved.
At the start of my 4th decade, the kids are growing and so is the adventure. God is speaking more into growing Ember Ink, YWAM and we can’t wait to see what these next 10 years holds!
There are a few hours left for end-of-year tax deductions so dive in now!
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The Haythorpes

2018 Year in Review.

Our year in review!! Please click in between these arrows!! <<here!!>>

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The Haythorpes

Fundraising Update

Hi friends.

I’m writing to share what God has been doing with our family and ask you if you would consider joining us in our faith journey. I’ve written a little below with some context and also included below an opportunity to contribute toward this ministry.

The Context
We are in our 8th year of ministry here in San Jose! Wow! It’s hard to believe its been this long and that God (in all His Goodness) has made a way for us to be here and see this ministry grow from the ground up. What an incredible journey!

As Directors of YWAM Ember Ink, the vision has been to create and develop an Urban Training Village that trains, equips and is a launching pad for pioneers who want to plant ministries locally and globally.  How we do this is, by providing opportunities for people to connect with the love of God through our various events, programs and ministries. The heart is to see people fall in love with Jesus and respond to Him. Through this, we believe we will see transformation not just in individuals but in our communities and this culture.

Friends, we are seeing this happen!

In saying yes to leading this ministry, we’ve been through so many trials, challenges, lessons. We have had so much joy walking though failures, growing through them and just learning how to live life (as well as learn how to raise our family in the midst of it all) in a way which reflects Jesus and His teaching... all the while, pursuing a God dream he gave us many years ago.

As we fumble along the way we are increasingly hopeful of what is in store for our family and YWAM Ember Ink. We are not afraid of the obstacles living in the Silicon Valley, because we have many friends here who nourish us with prayer, finances and good friendship. 

We’ve seen various partnerships in ministry for many reasons. Some have expressed they just love us and believe in us... some have caught the vision of YWAM Ember Ink and are excited about initiatives like Youth Street or DTS (Discipleship Training School)... some have expressed they love the creativity in holding and hosting neighborhoods like our ‘Light the Night’ Halloween event which has become a exciting fixture in the neighborhood...  others, simply feel God leading them to be generous with their time and/or finances and see it as their way to impact the Kingdom. Our heart is that whatever way you join our team, is you would do so with Joy and really feel part of it all. We are eternally grateful for the love and trust we feel and we are motivated to walk in humility the path laid out for us.

The Ask

We don’t always feel like we hit everything out of the park, but we have confidence in the Lord that as long as we stay willing, humble and obedient, he is gonna continue to empower us and anoint us for what He places on our hearts.

We are living proof HE can do a lot with a little.

As our team and ministry grow, we definitely don’t have it figured out, but we have an amazing broader team here in the Bay Area who are helping guide us and teach us what it means to work out this call with fear and trembling! We just have to keep asking God to continue to do His work in us and pray that anything we do is merely an overflow of His love and care to us. It is so simple, so beautiful and hard, but so simple.

As more full-time staff join us over this next year or two, we are excited to embrace the growth it brings. We sense God's continuing emphasis of this long-term call for us as a team (and as a family) to remain here to build, develop and grow YWAM in San Jose. We have no backup plan and it is our joy to proceed in throwing our whole selves into this vision. 

As step into all of the things we are trusting Him for in the ministry of YWAM, the fundraising goal for this year is an increase of $5,000/month in partnership with regular donors.

Would you consider being a partner in monthly donations?
Stepping out in faith, especially in finances, sometimes feels like a huge risk.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem to add up... but in our years of stepping out in faith (in any and all areas), we are constantly believing Him for more as we take the step and He shows Himself faithful EVERY TIME!

As always, please feel no pressure or duty to give. We trust in Him to provide and He has proved Himself faithful time and time again. But if this is a faith moment you feel ready to take that step into, we'd love for you to join with us on this journey of ministry in the Bay Area.

Much love and respect,

Luke and Angela Haythorpe

Give is online HERE (click box --> [h]) Or HERE (click box --> [h]) you will just need to indicate your PREFERENCE is for it to go towards the Haythorpes.

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The Haythorpes

May-June Update: A Wild Summer!!
A little catch up....

Its bee a little while since our last update. And since then, we've been crazy busy with the relaunch of Youth Street, the kids entering Summer Break , Angela's family visiting for the summer (with 20+ people living in our house), and - after much anticipation - we purchased a new(ish) car!

We are totally blessed by all that God is doing (and starting to do). Here are a few highlights of whats happening.

(To read on click image)/Read About it Here

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The Haythorpes

April Update: Early and often...

One of the words we feel God has been saying to us in this season is to 'prune to expand/grow'. We are so hopeful and expectant with what God is doing in our family and the wider ministry but this word couldn't have come at a better time. Let me explain...

(To read on click image)/Read About it Here

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The Haythorpes

Developing Worship Leaders

I often get asked to offer guidance or unpack how to lead worship. Like, what is the secret sauce? We all feel it or experience it one way or another. For some, what might be for some a transformative, deeply moving experience can be perceived and experienced by another as an overly emotional time that really didn't do anything.

For others what might be experienced as a deeply rich, lyrical and musical journey into the heart of God can be for others lacking heart, connection and the "spirit".

Why are we so divided in our experience? Is it as simple as Head vs Heart. Emotional vs Logical. Is it merely a case of all of our preferences and personalities and basic like/dislike of different genres of music guiding our experience or is there a more distinct target we are aiming at. Could it be something more mysterious we should set our face towards that would see everyone in the room engage in Worship and Praise of a God who loves us and desires relationship?

Entire churches are built off a certain sound. People gravitate and move across oceans because of this. We are all looking and searching for our tribe, to belong in a space where our gifts are activated and our hearts are known.

I've largely stayed away from writing on this subject for the same reason I remain silent on many things. Because, I'm not so sure I have a clear answer or method that would actually help. I've come to realize it is about context. So in the context of my current community here goes...

I lead a diverse team made up of individuals who have many different styles and opinions on what is important in a worship context. And we all lead and at times it feels crazy. And in many ways in all of our diversity we are all right, whatever that means. This can make for at times an environment where there is so much diversity in talent, skill, styles etc that has caused concern. But there is a beauty to this. If we are able to strive for Continuity amongst Diversity, If we make effort to stay unified while pushing the limits of what makes up a vibrant, transformative worship experience, then we just may have a hope. We're learning the hard way through conflict and unclear expectations.

Volunteer leaders who give their time and heart to learn songs, prayerfully come up with sets, all on top of busy and full lives.

So, in all of this I'm going to take you into my process, take you into some of the motivations and agenda's I know I have when I'm asked to lead worship over the years. I'm a work in progress, working out my salvation with fear and trembling. This is not a fancy teaching but rather principles and ideas that have occurred to me over the years. I'm quite certain other worship leader's have done a better and clearer job of boiling down some of this, but everything I've read or seen doesn't really speak into my context, the context of developing worship leader's in an environment of incredible diversity and complexity of the Bay Area.

1. Flexibility.
In an age of click tracks, slick and creative production, people quite comfortable and expectant to be entertained, as worship leaders and church leaders we need to make effort to keep things flexible. No, this is not laziness. This is a willingness to be messy and remain in the moment. I do like and implement click tracks and the like, anything that makes us excellent is Godly. Set yourselves up though to create room and space in times of worship. Don't rush through it. Training our teams and congregations to waste time with Jesus. I'm not necessarily advocating for going longer than allocated, although sometimes this is possible. I'm talking about letting the Holy Spirit disrupt our programming and plans to lead us into transformative and well led moments.

Over the years, this word flexibility has built in an unhurried approach to life which has helped me in moments of chaos and change. Outside of the worship experience, I've learned to roll with the punches and lead through it. Nothing is more valuable than experience. If I wasn't given opportunity and lateral space and permission to try, fail I would never have grown. The key is though we all need a growth mindset, whether we are 55 and been leading for 30 years or whether we are 14, green, talented. There is no room for rigid precociousness in worship leadership but there is room for anyone with a willing and soft heart.

Give the youngsters and leader's in your midst...

2. Experience.
Open conversations within your team that you value their experience but very soon they may not have the edge that they had when they were younger. Bleed into your teams youth, combine them with more experience and empower them all to have a voice.

There is pain associated with giving other's leadership as your reputation will be directly tied to their success and failure. This is such a gift though. Work with others. Tell them the truth. Help them grow. Hold them to a higher standard. It's hard to improve when you don't have opportunity.

3. Perspective.
If people in your community are consistently experiencing frustration with your times of worship. Find the culprit. Be brutal. Is it ill-fitting, un-imaginative or poor song selection, sub-standard musical skill or poor vocals. Is it a lack of sensitive and connected leadership? Discern (you may need help with this) whether your vision is solid and the pain is collateral with a season of change or could it be your leadership has too many blind spots? I make it a practice to have a few people read back to me their diagnosis of my leadership. Sometimes its all good. Sometimes its hard to hear. On all occasions it helps guide me along with His voice to stay on track and make sure we are prophetically and sensitively leading, challenging and comforting our community.

4. New Songs vs Old Songs.
I tend towards a freshness in my worship sets, it is hard to say a right or wrong way. I would feel the pulse of people in your community and see how you are doing with it. There are positives for including favorites, familiars and fresh songs and throwbacks. Make sure you love the songs and can lead them with passion and heart. I've found it is more about timing and how new songs are presented. I've been guilty of rushing in a new song because I think it would really fit with a sermon and when I get to introducing it, it doesn't catch on. I've maybe not spent enough time really learning or understanding the song or maybe the team just doesn't get into it and I leave the set wishing I waited. The opposite can be true as well. I have a sense and desire to do a new song but then I decide to play it safe and do all familiar songs but the set misses an edge and I leave wishing I'd included that dynamic new song. This happens so often that I've learnt to spend time sitting before the Lord, playing the set through and having an honest conversation. I've even been as detailed as changing the set from service to service. Thats ok, as long as its communicated and clear with the band, the tech . team etc.

5. Lead with.
Don't get stuck in a rut. Pick songs with another leader, team up and work with each other's strengths and cover each other's weaknesses. Some people strongly connect, some pay attention to lyrical depth, some lead with sensitivity, some have killer vocals, use all gifts and empower. Make sure everyone is onboard for the best experience keeping in mind horizontal and vertical integrity.

6. Horizontal and Vertical Integrity. 
Many names for this. I'm passionate about both. Praising God for who He is, what He can do, helping people put into words their love, devotion and gratefulness for His Character and His works, recognizing that there is an I, ME, US, YOU, HIM, THEY and they are all important and needed in a time of Worship. This is important. I hear so much venom and indifference thrown around on this subject. Makes my heart sad as they all have their place in full hearted, full-throated musical worship.

We are whole-body beings, incredible complex in every way. God instructs us to Love Him Mind, Body, Soul and Strength. Applying this to our worship times means there is no ceiling to our experience. Add in the incredible Mystery and power of the Holy Spirit and it creates an environment of incredible power and expectancy. Let the ones who lead with their head, lead with heart. Let the ones who lead with their heart engage their mind. Let all of us submit to His Holy Spirit to lead it all.

When we throw stones and say, "Well, that is just a Me song, I'm all about doing songs that are about Him" I want for you to take a moment to hear yourself. I'm wondering how in touch you are, there is a tone of pride that comes through this. There is a religiosity that can be blinding as though what you think, how you see things can be a stumbling block. Be careful with this. Nothing can kill the Spirit of God quicker than our dead and critical religiosity. For those who say, "There is no Spirit here. It feels too staid, rigid" As the first comment goes, so does this. Those who remain stuck and satisfied with a predominately emotional response without provoking or depth within our lyrics will remain unchanged and go to times of worship in a selfish frame of mind. Like a vacuum, sucking whatever they can get, not posturing to give and engage.

We are all guilty of criticism and selfishness. I hear it all the time. And when I don't hear it I can sense it. As worship leaders let's stretch ourselves and grow. Let us be kind, pliable, passionate and prophetic. Let us be teachable and soft, yet adventurous and provoking. Let us be bold and confident yet only in the safety of being muzzled and led by Him.

Just some thoughts.

Go Well.


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The Haythorpes

How many of you CRINGE at the thought of change? I (Angela) actually like to mix things up every once in a while. It offers the variety and spontaneity I need in my life. HOWEVER, when it comes to changing the innermost parts of me... that doesn't feel as exciting.

Whilst on our glorious Sabbatical, God began to speak some good things to me. It was about walking into a season of "MORE" and with the more comes

(To read on click image)/Read About it Here

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The Haythorpes

When Renovations Happen

In our final weeks of our INCREDIBLE Aussie Outback Sabbatical Adventure, I felt like I was regularly in that deep reflective space with the Lord. I was willingly diving into those places in my inmost that we so naturally avoid and I was even more open to the faith risks it would take to begin the deep inner overhaul of my wrong beliefs, brokenness and pride.

One of the areas I was challenged on was my continual disregard for my desire to be creative. In my thinking, it was less spiritual for me to be artistic than to spend my every waking hour in organized ministry service. I was concerned about "escapism" and wanted to make sure I wasn't running away. And not knowing how well my discernment was in that area, I just took it off the table all together. Plus, there was always MORE to do so therefore did not have time for the frivolous things like creativity anyway. However, what I was disregarding was His heart for creativity and the fact that HE MADE ME THIS WAY. In fact, my disregard was a lack of obedience and had caused my house to operate in chaos and disorder. It had also crippled me as I had cut off one of the ways God actively speaks to me most. So, in vulnerability and humility, I said "YES"... Yes to the unlearning of the theology of 'Spiritual Hierarchy' I had created. ...Yes to the way he created me... and most of all, Yes to TAKING THE TIME to actually do the things in which I felt a creative prompt in my Spirit. And this is my journey so far....

The word in season I received was, "The old is gone, the new has come (2 Cor 5:17)". I had been meditating on this word the last 2 weeks we were in Australia as we wrapped up the kids school work and soaked in the last bit of time with family. I felt a prompt and little did I know it would rock my world the way that it did. The nudge was to paint the living room and kitchen in the spirit of "newness". The living room walls were gray and white with little kid hand prints along the bottom half of the walls. The kitchen was greasy and dirty with oak cabinets. the house felt dark and dirty, no matter how much I tried to clean it. I felt like I was constantly apologizing to guests walking into my home for the mess... it was gross. And because we're renters I've not wanted to invest too much into a home that isn't ours BUT this challenge was screaming at me that "THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE! Its a reflection of whats going on in you." So with that, I shared with Luke and he was totally on board. I share a bit with the kids and they were so excited for something "new". It became a family journey. We were all maturing and it was reflecting US.

So it began, it stared off with painting the living room, then the entry hall, then the bedroom hall... then the KITCHEN. For those of you who have lived through home renos, you know. I salute you. And we didn't really do a FULL renovation but more of a makeover. But the things it did my heart were far more than I could have expected.


If you've ever heard me share about my strengths and weaknesses you'll quickly learn that in my nature I'm #1) responsible, #2) driven and #3) a dictator by nature. If I have a picture of where I'm going, its pretty hard to divert me. Over the years that has softened and I have learned to ask The Lord important questions like TIMING, and especially HOW to get there. I work best solo but I do love involving team from time to time. I have always had the view that we are servants but not in a "slave" type of way. It is that "if you are truly captured by the LOVE OF JESUS... how can you not do the things He's asked us?? Its our LOVE RESPONSE!" I still believe that but it can get twisted into duty and performance over time if you aren't constantly in communion with the Father. It becomes you operating out of your own strength. And its such a subtle step from walking with Him to taking over. Taking over is our autopilot... we ALL do it and its a DAILY challenge.

As we were starting to change things up in the house, my husband started to add thoughts and suggestions about some things we could do. And I graciously listened because this was a "family"
project now... but my challenge was to co-create with my husband.... and this was not in any area... it was MY area, MY domain. It was hard to let go and yes, there were a few squabbles along the way. I was learning a much deeper lesson of co-creating with God. That he doesn't just want my blind obedience but that my voice matters and He's put stuff in me to create with Him. That I don't annoy Him but He delights in me... and that I have good ideas. Of course, I still defer to Him but He wants my input. I am not a slave but a co-creator with Him. What a mind blowing revelation! And what freedom it has brought me as I walking into new things with Him.


I never realized how walking in creativity would cause me to question so many things about ME. In the midst of me continuing at a lower pace of work and extending a bit of my Sabbatical, I realized I struggled with my value. Am I just being selfish to explore ideas of creativity? Am I worth the time and effort of others?

Questions swirled around me forcing me to face the ugly beliefs about myself. It began to take me on a deeper healing journey. As I was sanding or patching or painting I would ask God how he is making me new and repairing me. I watched as things were exposed, he was making those ugly things into beautiful things. As I watched, an annoying wood knot of my heart was transformed into the beautiful highlight and centerpiece of the restoration.



After painting and getting some of the things in place in the living room and hallways, there was still and endless list to be done. Furniture that needs to be restored, pictures that need to be hung, and things that needed to be built. We had been already painting for 2 weeks which was lifetime! We had undergone sickness and a bazillion other things that SLOWED us down. It should have been a 3-4 day job and it went on FOR-EV-ER!!! We were having to continue life in the midst of it all.

We had a choice... do we stop here because it would be waaay easier or do we just knock it all out. We chose to keep going. When you have absolutely NO KITCHEN for 2 weeks everything suffers. Your family, your diet/health, and your sanity. When you actually go through this and are LIVING in it, the romance of renovations quickly fade.  When you're washing your dishes in the bathroom sink where other business happens all the magic seems to die and everyone quickly gets bent out of shape. On top of that, we were TIRED. So we moved slower. We still had life going on so meetings, proposals, etc still had to get done. The challenge was to stay sweet and undivided. We needed to pull together and lean on Him even more.  I really had to learn how to "enjoy the process" which is counter-intuitive to human nature in every way. I had to press in to the Holy Spirit when my body, heart and mind felt too exhausted.  I learned to keep asking the questions along the way instead of taking over. I had to learn to rest in the chaos and not be super driven but let things happen. I had to learn to keep living life with my eyes fixed on Him when circumstances try to sideswipe me and when I try to rationalize that this is just a physical project when I knew it was much more.


Even though would love to plan it out and stop EVERYTHING to go through each lesson the Lord takes us though... its not realistic. We have to continue to live life through the heart renovation. It may feel and even look ugly, but its starting to look beautiful and in the end... the results will not only be noticeable to you, but to everyone.

Looking back, I'm soooo glad we decided to keep going when it felt too hard. Its pretty much done now (of course there are those last bits of furniture restoration, a few pieces to be built, etc). But it makes me reflect on the current state of my heart and my attitude towards God's work in my life. When I get to the place of "do I stop here because it would be way easier or do I just keep going", I hope that I continue to choose the latter.  Yes, its hard but I chose the "YES". I pray I always stay teachable and open to His work in my life and, after all of this, the results are beautiful and worth it.

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The Haythorpes

January 2018: New Year, New Life!
Purpose. Peace. Passion....

There are probably several groupings of words that could encapsulate how we feel about the past 3 months and the year ahead. I think the three above sum up pretty well our state of mind as we arrive back from our Sabbatical. We are feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity we had to reset and be refreshed over the American Winter/Aussie Summer.

We landed back in San Jose almost a month ago with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. While we had such a beautiful time with family, friends and bonding as a family we were all excited to return home. We are sensing a season of

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The Haythorpes
Over 6,000 miles, 5 states/territories in 1 month...

We were literally on the road for a month. Before we left we talked about some of the things we’d like to do on this trip to help us connect deeper as a family, as well as enjoy ourselves. I had a hope in my heart to see Uluru (Ayers Rock)... Conveniently placed smack dab in the middle of Australia. However, almost immediately after our arrival....

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The Haythorpes