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Thank you for joining us on this journey. For almost every adult person I know, finances are the #1 stress point in their lives. It is easy for our eyes bug out and panic about how everything will work out.

 Stress and anxiety regarding our financial state is a temptation for us too!

However, as we are transparent with our needs and as you read them, I want to remind you our ultimate provision comes from the Creator God. He's got all of us in the palm of His hand! Isn't that incredible?!!

We are so grateful that we have been serving in San Jose for 9 years!! That's a beautiful miracle in itself! Thank you for helping us stay here are serve this marginalized in our city. You are a true instrument of His provision and we are grateful for your generosity and partnership!







(Updated: July 25th, 2018) 

Staff Retreat $1450
Bills $4600
Medical/Dental $7500
Rent (YWAM House) $1200

Please stand with us as we continue to fundraise. We are believing to see more financial partnerships to help fill the gap of our annual budget. 

We are trusting the Lord for another $26,000 to be pledged for 2018.

Immediately, we're in need of sponsors to help make the gap up as we have been struggling to keep our head above water to this point in 2018.

As we have stepped out to help care for an Aziri Refugee Family of 7, we are looking for people to temporarily help with covering part of their rent. Someone has been helping with 60% of the amount but we have been short $1000/month. We have tried to cover the gap as a family but this has put a lot of financial strain on us. Would you consider helping with some or all of this need?


As we go into 2018, our goal is to raise $120,000 as a family in ministry, we need $26,000 more to be FULLY FUNDED for 2018. We appreciate your partnership in helping us reach our goals and serve this city long-term. We look for this to come in monthly partnerships and annual gifts. 


To give quickly due to the urgent nature of the request you can give via PayPal to or bank deposit. We live in downtown San Jose so if you email that same address you can drop around your donation to us. Plus, you'll get a hug.

For Other Giving Options (Including tax deductible donation)...


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