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We are so grateful to the Lord for His goodness!  8 years ago we were called to San Jose, the 3rd most expensive place to live in the USA, with only a vision and having to start ministry from scratch. Yet by the Lord's miraculous provision, we are still here!
He is so GOOD!!

We are grateful for your consideration in our Urgent Needs. We are always trying to build our core donor partners, if you are interested in regular partnership or know of someone who might be interested in partnering, please contact us. 

If you are already a regular donor... THANK YOU! You have been a true instrument in His provision and we are so grateful we can continue to ministry here and abroad because of your generosity and partnership

... ... ... Urgent Needs ... ... ...

Haythorpes Financial Update: We have been seeing incredible displays of provision this past month. We are still carrying a lot with the other house but this has lessened recently where we have been able to bless a refugee family with accommodation until they get something more suitable. God has his purposes. We are needing to see an additional $16,000 to cover accrued expenses over the past few months.

2018 Fundraising:
As we go into 2018, our goal is to raise $120,000 as a family, we need $50,000 more to get up to 💯 for 2018. We appreciate your partnership in helping us reach our goals. We look for this to come in monthly partnerships and annual gifts.

Car -We hope to purchase a newish family car in early February. We have adjusted this goal to purchase something by end of Feb/ early March. Due to the size of our family and how we use it we are looking for a 2-3 year old Suburban as it has enough space to haul a bunch of kids and copious amounts of luggage and music gear!!

Lightly used vehicles are what we are after and it looks like they range from 38-42k. We would need either a larger amount of cash up front or some additional monthly support to take on a car payment for us to see this happen. If you are a ninja with finding/purchasing cars please email or if you would like to help us get one let us know!! 


To give quickly due to the urgent nature of the request you can give via PayPal to or bank deposit. We live on 1135 Vine St so you are able to drop a check or cash around too. Plus, you'll get a hug.

For tax deductible donation:

Give online by clicking here where you can give securely with your credit card.

Select "staff support" from the drop down menu and indicate 'The Haythorpes' in the comments field during the payment process. 


  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Grocery Store Gift Card: Safeway, Amazon, Wholefoods, Costco
  • Target Gift Cards: for School Supplies and uniforms throughout the year

Anonymous gift card donations for The Haythorpes can go to:
The Haythorpes
c/o YWAM Ember Ink
PO BOX 181
San Jose, CA 95103

Thank you for your prayers and support, we are grateful for your partnership in ministry.

If you want to give immediately and are not concerned about getting a tax deductible receipt, send to the address on the bottom of our newsletter or contact us to request our address by clicking the envelope.
For more donation options go to the Donate Page (There are options to be anonymous)

Any amount is appreciated. :)

Much love and hope you are growing in your faith as you journey with us!

Luke and Angela Haythorpe
 Thank you for joining us on this journey. For almost every adult person I know, finances are the #1 stress point in their lives. It is easy for our eyes bug out and panic about how everything will work out.

 Stress and anxiety regarding our financial state is a temptation for us too!

However, as we are transparent with our needs and as you read them, I want to remind you our ultimate provision comes from the Creator God. He's got all of us in the palm of His hand! Isn't that incredible?!!

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